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CW Mango Ginger Chews 100mg ($15 SALE)
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Embrace the flavor combination adored by patients with this delectable Chew, featuring the luscious sweetness of mango complemented by a zesty kick of ginger. With precise infusion using CO2 distillate derived from Curio Wellness flower, these Chews are tailored to deliver the relief that suits you best. Made with natural flavors and colors and free from gelatin, they provide a pure and convenient treatment option. Discover potential relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle spasms as you savor the flavorful experience. Effects may vary based on the chosen dosing option, potentially offering a euphoric effect. Choose from the available 10mg, 25mg, and 40mg options to find the ideal potency for your needs. Rest assured, these Chews are manufactured in a cGMP facility, ensuring the highest quality standards. Manufactured in a cGMP facility 10 x 10mg chews | 100mg total Onset: 60-90 minutes Duration: 3-5 hours

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